Short bullet loan with 12% interest

Explore the exciting opportunities to invest with impact in our projects. Gain access to our comprehensive Term Sheet, Information Memorandum, and Registration Form, tailored to Dutch-speaking investors. Embrace the chance to make a meaningful difference while reaping the rewards of our sustainable investment. This short-term bullet loan gives investors an annual interest rate of 12 %, with a 3 % bonus, and matures in 6 months. As a security investors enjoy a 1st mortgage registration. Contact us today to receive these valuable documents and embark on a journey towards making a difference with impact.

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*Please be notified that all information in the Term sheet, Information Memorandum and Registration Form are in Dutch. Only Europeans with an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) can apply. We are also obligated to inform you that this is an investment outside the jurisdiction of the Authorities Financial Markets (AFM) in the Netherlands.