15% DCP share certificates

owner of real estate

When you purchase Dutch Caribbean Property Share Certificates (DCP Share Certificates), you become a direct owner of the real estate within the chosen designated project or resort. As a shareholder, you are entitled to a proportionate share of the actual rental income generated by the project or resort, after operating expenses are deducted.

This unique ownership structure ensures a fair distribution of profits among all certificate holders. For investments equivalent to a KeySuite Villa 1.0 (€1,750,000) or a Suite (starting at €225,000), these shareholders also have the right to 3 weeks of personal usage per year of their selected accommodation.

We have also made it possible for investors to become co-owners of prime tourist real estate in the Dutch Caribbean, starting from €10,000. Certificate shareholders with investments below €225,000 will solely benefit from the rental yields.

The even distribution of income means certificate holders do not need to worry about uneven rental performance between the various villas and suites. With an average nightly rate of € 170 and an occupancy rate of just 60%, the expected gross initial yield (GIY) is already 15% after operating costs.

Furthermore, all of our real estate projects generate their own renewable energy, certificate holders enjoy a steady supply of power from the resort, leading to lower utility costs and higher net returns. The villas also feature water recycling systems, recycling 95% of water usage, providing additional savings on scarce and expensive Caribbean resources.

With rising energy and water prices in the Dutch Caribbean, these sustainability features make our investments even more attractive. Moreover, by owning DCP share certificates, you are making a tangible impact far beyond just financial returns.

For more information on our investment products and your impact with sustainability, please review our Information Memorandum.

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