we are dutch caribbean property

At Dutch Caribbean Property, we specialize real estate development, sales, and management in CuraƧao and the Dutch Caribbean. Our focus is on innovation and sustainability, as we strive to redefine modern living, working, and recreation in the light of present-day challenges. Through the seamless integration of innovation and sustainability, Dutch Caribbean Property provides forward-thinking, sustainable homes for the future. Our properties boast cutting-edge sustainable features as a standard offering, ensuring they are always smart, water-efficient, and energy-saving.

people, planet and profit

At Dutch Caribbean Property, we are committed to the principles of Planet, People, and Profit. Our exclusive accommodations are designed with sustainability in mind, allowing investors to benefit from solid returns. At the same time, we contribute to sustainable development and care for the local community. We believe that investing in our projects has a positive impact on people, the planet, and your wallet.

local entrepreneurship

Dutch Caribbean Property embodies an economy where the money earned in an area circulates back to its residents as much as possible. We achieve this by involving local entrepreneurs in our activities, thereby fostering local employment and strengthening neighborhood economies. Often, the money earned within a specific district does not benefit its residents, instead flowing away to anonymous shareholders of corporations. Our aim is to combat poverty by ensuring that earnings are reinvested within the community, leading to more sustainable and inclusive prosperity. Join us in our mission to build a more equitable and thriving local economy for all.

our mission

Our mission is to redefine the standard of luxury real estate development through innovative and sustainable approaches. We aim to develop beautiful high-end homes that not only meet the highest standards of comfort and style, but also contribute to a more sustainable future. By using wood as a building material, our homes contribute to the long-term storage of CO2, while our own energy generation and storage systems ensure self-sufficiency and reduced reliance on external sources. Additionally, we integrate advanced water purification systems into our designs, allowing our projects to harmoniously coexist with the surrounding nature and have a positive impact on the environment.

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