Investment products

diversify Your portfolio

At Dutch Caribbean Property, we provide our investors with a range of flexible investment opportunities to suit their financial goals. Choose between our 8% DCP Bonds, which offer a fixed income stream, or our DCP Share Certificates, which provide direct exposure to the rental income generated by the properties.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a KeySuite Villa 1.0, a Suite M, L or XL, or in DCP Bonds and DCP Share Certificates with a minimum ammount of €10,000, we have an investment product tailored to your needs. Secure your stake in our thriving resort and benefit from the steady returns and capital appreciation potential.

Our 8% DCP Bonds provide a reliable fixed income, making them an attractive option for investors seeking a predictable revenue stream. Alternatively, our DCP share certificates allow you to directly participate in the rental income generated by the properties located within the resort, providing the potential for variable, yet potentially higher, returns.

Diversify your portfolio and capitalize on the growth of our premier resort. Speak with our investment specialists today to explore the investment solution that aligns with your financial objective.

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