8% Dutch caribbean property Bonds

real estate as collateral

Looking for a secure investment opportunity with the potential for substantial returns? Consider the 8% Dutch Caribbean Property Bonds (DCP Bonds), which offer investors a fixed interest rate plus 3% bonus when real estate properties are successfully sold.

The 8% DCP Bonds are backed by the value of the real estate financed, providing you with an added layer of security. When you invest in our 8 % DCP bonds, you can rest assured that your investment is collateralized by tangible assets.

Investors in the 8% DCP Bonds are contributing to the development of sustainable real estate. This real estate is designed and prefabricated off-site. Once the ordered modules arrive on location, they are assembled within 6 weeks. After the modules are ordered and paid for, the delivery time is 3 months. This means that investors in the 8% DCP Bonds have 75% collateral secured within 4-5 months of their initial bond purchase.

In addition to the reliable fixed interest rate, you’ll also receive a 3% bonus when we complete the sale of our entire real estate project This unique offer allows you to benefit from the growth and success of our business, without taking on the risks associated with direct real estate investments. By choosing our bonds, you can diversify your portfolio and enjoy the stability of a fixed-income product combined with the upside potential of a successful real estate venture.

To learn more about our 8% DCP Bond offerings and how you can start investing today, please contact our team on +31(0)10-322 05 09. We’ll be happy to provide you with all the details and answer any questions you may have.

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