charge your battery

Due to the beautiful climate in the Caribbean, there is plenty of sunshine, making it interesting to work with solar panels and a battery storage system.
 Our villas are equipped with a battery storage system with a minimum capacity of 20 kWh. Together we are working towards the goal of being 100 % self sufficient.

The combination of energy generation and energy storage is bringing about change in the Dutch Caribbean.

powered by the sun

 The tropical climate offers prolonged hours of sunlight, making it an ideal environment for solar energy capture. This abundant resource not only supports the transition towards renewable energy but also offers significant economic and environmental benefits.
In 2024, the next generation of solar panels is set to revolutionize the industry with increased efficiency and capacity. These advanced panels will enable a higher energy output, allowing greater independence compared to traditional power sources. At Dutch Caribbean Property, we are committed to staying at the forefront of this technology to maximize the benefits for our communities.

future proof

The future is electric and renewable. Dutch Caribbean Property is exploring the possibilities of incorporating electric vehicle batteries into households. The car battery can charge at the villa and provide additional battery storage. The all-electric package is one of the options that Dutch Caribbean Property offers to the buyers of our villas. The all-electric package enables you generate-, store- and charge renewable energy for your car and household, making living sustainable and 100% electric.

*did you know?

In tropical regions, the average daily energy consumption during recreational use for villas can reach up to 50-100 kWh. It is therefore crucial to focus on energy efficiency and insulation to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability.