Tropical Villa

The Tropical Villa is a timeless design beloved by the Dutch in tropical regions. It’s planned with the gentle tropical breeze and abundant natural light in mind, offering a serene and relaxed living experience. With its spacious kitchen, inviting living room, and four bedrooms, the Tropical Villa is perfect for creating cherished memories with family and friends. The flexibility of the layout allows for renting out individual bedrooms, providing potential extra income if desired.

First impressions

Introducing the first impressions of the Tropical Villa at Dutch Caribbean Property. Immerse yourself in the vision of your future holiday home as we unveil these renderings, capturing the essence of luxury, sustainability, and Caribbean charm.

Floor plans

The design of the floor plans is aimed at the use of the villa with a family or group and the rental of the separate bedrooms. The smart layout ensures optimal functionality and privacy, allowing residents to make use of both shared spaces and the private accommodations. These smart floor plans make efficient use of space, maximizing comfort and flexibility for your diverse lifestyle.