Dutch caribbean villa

Developing in the Caribbean is perfect for a traditional architectural style such as a Dutch Caribbean Villa. Influenced by famous villas like Landhuis Sint Nicolaas and Landhuis Santa Barbara, this type of home fits well in the surroundings. These traditional villas were built in the 18th and 19th century. Due to its rural charm, this design will blend into the natural surroundings. This model instantly gives you the feeling of being on vacation.

First impressions

Upon arriving at the Dutch Caribbean Villa, one is immediately enchanted by its timeless charm and rustic elegance.
The architecture of the villa reflects a deep reverence for tradition, with intricate wooden shutters exuding an old-world allure. Each detail, from the handcrafted fixtures to the wooden beams, speaks of craftsmanship and of history that have shaped this timeless abode.

Floor plans

The Dutch Caribbean Villa features well-thought-out floor plans that meet the needs of virtually every visitor. The kitchen is a cozy place where people can cook together while still having space to work on separate dishes. The open layout promotes communication and a sense of shared activity. The living room is also carefully designed, allowing people to relax together while simultaneously enjoying individual activities such as reading a good book. This traditional country house is designed with attention to both communal and personal spaces, making it the perfect environment for everyone to enjoy life in style.